Sex Toys on the Road Trip

It’s less than a week until Catalyst Con, which means that sex geeks the world over will be making their yearly trip to Washington DC, armed with sex toys, lube, and safer sex goods. While some people, like as me, will embark on an epic road trip and have the luxury of traveling with a trunk full of dildos, it may not be that simple for everyone else. Anyone who has flown by plane in the last decade knows how tough it can be to get at your destination with only your clothes, toiletries, and devices intact; things just became a whole lot more complicated if you’re packing sex toys.

What to Bring: One of the first considerations should be what you intend to bring with you. I am a chronic overpacker, and I pity my traveling companion who has to cope with it on a daily basis.

Why do we require four distinct books for a three-day excursion?

I’m not sure what I’ll be reading tomorrow.

And how about eight shirts?

What if I spill anything on one of them (or all three)? Simply because it has never occurred before…

All well, but do we really need this entire bag of dildos?


When deciding which sex toys of adult store(성인용품) to bring, I usually make an effort to include something from each category. Do I have a decent penetration toy? One for my clitoral region? So, if I desire something in my buttocks, am I covered there? Additionally, if my partner joins me, do I have a c-ring on hand in case he desires to use one? Oh! Do I own a suitable G-Spot toy? Is that a paddle?

…and you can see how fast “I’ll bring a few things” may devolve into the bag-o-dildos that I generally bring with me.

Having said that, I’m not typically concerned with discretion; however, if you are, you may like to bring one little discrete clit vibe or perhaps one toy that can be used for penetration or clit stimulation depending on your whim. Less realistic toys may also be your buddy (according to the guy who just packed his Vixskin Maverick in his suitcase for Catalyst), since they will blend in better with the rest of your belongings during a bag inspection.

If you’re attending an event where you’ll be playing with other people, bring only non-porous, easy-to-clean/sanitize toys. Consider silicone, stainless steel, wood, and glass as possible materials. Unfortunately, bleach is not permitted on aircraft in carry-on or checked luggage, so you will need to purchase it upon arrival if you need to clean your toys1 during the flight.

It is also critical for many people to have a safer sex kit with them when they travel, but keep in mind that your safer sex kit should include lubricant, which is another area where we must exercise caution due to TSA regulations. The TSA has stringent laws about liquids, and lubricant is classified as one of those liquids, so you must use caution. It’s alright if you’re checking your luggage; I’m pretty sure you could check an entire suitcase of JUST lube and get away with it, though it might raise a few eyebrows; however, if you’re carrying it on, you need to think about it a little bit more.

To Inspect or Not to Inspect?

You may be thinking, “Of course I’ll check everything and avoid having to think about it!” While that is an excellent option for many people, I prefer to avoid it. To begin, not all airlines offer complimentary checked luggage, and if you’re only traveling for a weekend, it may not be worthwhile to check your luggage merely to conceal your dildos.

Following that comes the section where I begin to sound a little paranoid, but stick with me. Frequently, the primary concern individuals have about carrying their toys in their carry-on is that the person searching their luggage will discover it and yank it out while they are waiting in line. I believe many people envision the TSA tossing it around high in the air, exclaiming, “Look, it’s a dildo!” This individual intends to insert this into them later! They are sexually active! Let us mock them!” Guess what, the person examining your bag is probably just as embarrassed (if not more so) as you are to discover it, which is why they are unlikely to bring it out and wave it around for all the tourists to see.

Alternatively, your checked bags will undergo similar examinations (though presumably not as rigorous) as your checked luggage, but these checks will take place behind your back. What does this entail? This means that while you may avoid some embarrassment, anything is possible.

Consider what happens when I leave my boyfriend alone with my dildos; he engages in sword fights with them. That is not what I want to happen to my toys with complete strangers, especially if I intend to implant them later. Additionally, society has grown accustomed to a certain amount of shame surrounding sex and sex toys. One would imagine that if a toy goes missing, no one will report it due to embarrassment. Am I implying that all TSA employees are 13-year-old boys who are incapable of handling viewing a sex toy? Or are they robbers on the prowl for my prized silicone dicks? Obviously not. That is to say, I am paranoid and unwilling to take a chance. To safeguard against loss or damage, I prefer to keep all of my expensive, fragile, and cherished travel companions (sex toys and otherwise) in my carry-on.

I keep my toys in a gallon Ziploc bag inside a toy travel container in my carry-on. This way, if I need to get somewhere else, I can easily take the opaque bag out of the way, but if my bag is inspected, the TSA representative can easily pull out whatever toys I have and inspect them without touching them with the gloves that have handled everyone else’s pantyhose and dirty socks. Additionally, always travel lock any vibrators you bring with you (most vibrators now include this option), as a vibrating bag is certain to draw suspicion, trust me.

As I previously stated, with lube in the carry-on, things become a little more tricky. The carry-on liquids rule is 3-1-1; each liquid must be held in a 3.4 oz (100 ml) bottle or smaller, all bottles must fit within a quart-sized clear plastic zip top bag, and each passenger is allowed just one bag. Unfortunately, the majority of lube bottles are slightly larger than 3.4 oz. My favorite lube, on the other hand, sells a 4.2 oz bottle as its smallest size (so near…). This leaves you with a few possibilities. You may purchase a small empty bottle from your favorite retailer’s travel area and transfer the lubricant from its original container to the smaller one. Regrettably, this creates the possibility of a slippery-lubey disaster. Rather than that, I prefer to use sample lube packets, which you can usually acquire for a dollar or two at your local feminist toy store or at Lucky Bloke. You may obtain sample sizes of practically any brand; one packet is generally sufficient for a session, and then you can discard it without fear of bringing it home or having it leak in your bag.

When it comes to kink-related toys, the situation may be a little different. Unfortunately, the TSA’s Can I Bring…? feature is ineffective when it comes to floggers, paddles, bondage equipment, or electro-stim kits. The only satisfactory response I received was that “whips and other martial arts gear”2 are permitted but only as checked luggage, whereas handcuffs are permitted in carry on or checked luggage. I chatted with Zoe Hanis and she stated that they had never had an issue flying with kink toys in their luggage, even when traveling internationally. In my own experience, I was once stopped at the airport for carrying a set of cheesy handcuffs from Spencer’s Gifts. 3 I was eventually permitted to enter after fabricating an excuse about their being part of a Halloween costume (it was October), but it was still aggravating. I’d leave any BDSM gear in checked luggage, should some idiot label your belongings “weapons” and seize a $100 flogger.

Remember to wipe non-porous toys down with a solution of 9 parts water to 1 part bleach to sterilize them.
Yes, I believe. That is precisely what it is. I am a samurai.
Please don’t condemn me; I was twenty years old and believed they made a good fashion statement when combined with the other chains I wore. They did not do so.